Atomic Learning is now Hoonuit!

Hoonuit logoYou have eLearning resources at your finger tips with Hoonuit–formerly known as Atomic Learning. If you had the opportunity to use Atomic Learning before, you know that this online tool provides you with on-demand personalized learning. Hoonuit (pronounced “who knew it”) has evolved beyond software training and now features software and technology training, student resources, instructional strategies, leadership resources, and online teaching/blended learning resources.

What kinds of resources does Hoonuit offer?

Hoonuit features a robust library of eLearning content for faculty, students, and staff including:

Software and Technology Training:

  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Collaborating and Sharing Using Office 365
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Google
  • And more!

Student Resources:

  • Preparing for a College Workload
  • Becoming a Good Note Taker
  • Strategies for Working in a Group
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Successful Time Management
  • Networking and Internships
  • And more!

Instructional Strategies:

  • Questioning Strategies
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Writing Effective Learning Outcomes
  • Digital Video in Class
  • Universal Design
  • And more!

Leadership Resources:

  • Successful Time Management
  • How Do I Grow My PLN?
  • Leadership Styles
  • And more!

Online Teaching/Blended Learning:

  • Creating Engaging Lessons Online
  • Succeeding in an Online Class
  • Being an Effective Online Student
  • Effective Online Discussions
  • And more!

A l list of some of the available resources may be found here: Hoonuit Higher Education Resource List.

Sounds great! How do I access Hoonuit?

Simply go to and log in with your myLesley username and password. You may also click on the Hoonuit module on your myLesley Home tab.

Is Your myLesley Course Ready for Fall?

Is your myLesley course ready for the start of the semester? This handy list can help you make sure. Download a copy to review as you set up your course.

Have you posted a welcome announcement for you students? Is textbook information available? Learn how to send an Announcement with all your important information before the first day of class.

Faculty Profile and Contact Information
Is your contact information available and up-to-date? Create a faculty profile or create an Item with your contact information.

Have you uploaded your current syllabus? Upload your syllabus to myLesley so it’s always easily available.

Course Content
Have you checked all the links in each module? Learn to add or edit hyperlinks in myLesley.

Are discussion forums for each week set up? This guide will show you how to set up and manage the myLesley discussion board.

Have you set up release dates for each module? Using release dates is optional, but can help you reveal content to your students on a schedule that you set in advance.

Have any tests or surveys been deployed? Create and manage your tests and surveys in myLesley.

Have any Assignments been set up for students to submit their work? Create and manage assignments to collect and grade papers online.

Grade Center
Are the correct point values assigned to each item in the Grade Center? Are there any grading columns that need to be added or deleted? Review how to set up and use the myLesley Grade Center.

Additional Content
Depending on your course and the type of activities you have, you may or may not be using the tools listed below.

Have any wikis been set up?
Have any blogs or journals been set up?
Have any course groups been set up?

Have you created or updated any VoiceThread content?
Have you created or updated any VoiceThread groups?


If you need assistance, please contact us at or visit


VoiceThread Introduces a New HTML5 Version!

Say goodbye to Flash! VoiceThread has introduced a new HTML5 version, which runs in your browser without having to install and enable Flash. The new HTML5 version looks and feels the same as the Flash-based version, but now offers new features suck as adjustable playback speed, streamlined audio/video recording, and increased security.

How do I switch over to the new HTML5 version?

You may switch over to the new HTML5 version at any time. To begin, log in to VoiceThread.

Click on your email address on the top right-hand side of the page to open a menu. Select Display Preferences.
VT Display Preferences (screenshot)

In the Player Version section, select HTML5.
VT Preferences Select HTML5 (screenshot)

Refresh the page. You will now be upgraded to the new HTML5 version of VoiceThread.

Which web browsers are supported?

Chrome and Firefox are fully supported. Please be sure to use the most up-to-date version of the browser for the best experience.

HTML5 audio and video recording is NOT supported on Safari or Edge browsers at this time. You may use Safari or Edge to view a VoiceThread but you will not be record audio or video until the browsers have been updated to support this feature. Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.

When is the deadline for moving to the HTML5 version?

You may switch over to the new HTML5 version any time between now and December 31, 2017. After that date, VoiceThread will automatically transition everyone to the new HTML5 version.