What’s New in Ultra?

Blackboard has recently tripled its development team for Ultra courses. New features and improvements are released every month! Some of these new features are large updates with completely new functionality. Others are small enhancements that improve workflows and your experience teaching and learning in Ultra.

You can view all the details on Blackboard’s “What’s New in Learn Ultra” site.

Recent Highlights We Think You Will Love

No Discussion Activity After Due Date (Jan 2023)
Faculty can choose to freeze discussion activity once a due date has passed. Students can still view the discussion, but cannot post or reply. Students with a due date accommodation can continue to submit posts after the due date. Select “Stop discussion activity after due date” in the Discussion Settings to apply.
Instructor view of the

Hot Spot Question Type in Tests that is fully accessible (Nov 2022)
Faculty can create test questions where students must mark a certain area of the image to answer the question… and now in Ultra this question type is accessible using keyboard controls. Watch the video to see it in action.
image of hotspot question

Warnings and Auto Save on Tests for Lost Connections (Nov 2022)
Ultra assessments detect internet connection is lost and will then warn students.
Connection lost. Latest changes weren't saved. Check your internet connection.

Student Progress Report for Course Content (Oct 2022)
Instructors can see if students have engaged with course content and then take action if needed.
image of student progress report

Math Formulas accessible with screen readers (Oct 2022)
Instructors and students who use screen readers can access math formulas when creating, editing, and viewing content.
Math formulas added with the math editor and LaTeX equations read with screen readers