Week of Learning at Summer Tech Institute

The inaugural Lesley University Summer Tech Institute was a week full of energy and new ideas. From June 10th – 14th, the Brattle campus was bustling as twenty-five faculty members from all Lesley schools explored the possibilities of teaching with technology. The week of professional development was planned and facilitated by the department of eLearning and Instructional Support (eLIS) and sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Center for Teaching, Scholarship, and Learning.

The theme of the Summer Tech Institute was Blended Learning and was possible due to collaboration across the University. Several Lesley faculty members added their expertise to the program, including Sue Cusack on Universal Design for Learning, Susan Patterson on developing a personal learning network with social media, and Michele Forinash, Paul Naso, Susan McFarland, and Susan Patterson on a panel discussion around effective teaching methods for online courses. The entire eLIS design and technology team was embedded throughout the training, providing one-on-on guidance and coaching every step of the way. The Information Technology department gave an overview of classroom technology support. The library staff also conducted workshops on Endnote Web, Mobile (iPad) applications for library resources, and using the library video databases.

You can hear some of the participants thoughts on the event on VoiceThread.

Be on the lookout this fall for information about applying to next year’s Summer Tech Institute!

myLesley Improvements Coming This Fall

Fall_leavesWhen the new school year kicks off on September 4th you’ll not only be reveling in the fantastic smell of shiny new textbooks, fancy pens, and a clean slate. This Fall you’ll also be unwrapping a completely refreshed and upgraded Blackboard interface. As the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp here are just a few of the exciting additions you can look forward to using with students in both your online and face-to-face classes:

Inline Grading for Assignments
You can now view, comment, and grade student-submitted assignment files without leaving the Grade Assignment page. This is a very exciting tool and we think you’re going to love how much time and extra work it’s going to save you.

Learn more about this new option via written instructions or video.

New Discussion Board Look and Feel
The discussion board now has a completely revamped user interface. Forums and threads are better organized allowing for a more streamlined experience for both instructors and students.

Learn more about this new option via written instructions or video.

A More Intuitive Text/Content Editor
Blackboard now uses a a text editor based on the TinyMCE platform. We bet you’ll recognize it as soon as you sign in and you’ll be formatting your course text, adding images, and laying out tables like a pro in no time.

Learn more about this new option via written instructions or video.

In addition, please review our Professional Development calendar for training opportunities throughout the semester and check out the complete list of new features on our website.