Upcoming eLIS Workshops

Join eLearning & Instructional Support for a series of workshops to help support faculty transitioning to online learning. Please note that all workshops have been moved to an online format.

Check back frequently as we will be updating this page with additional trainings and office hours.

UPDATE: View workshop recordings on our YouTube playlist.

What Can I Do Right Now?

Prior to the workshops, we recommend doing the following:

  • Post your syllabus in myLesley. Make sure that you include your contact information.
  • Reach out to your students and let them know the best way to contact you. Do you prefer phone or email? Do you regularly hold office hours?
  • Let your students know how you will communicate with them during the transition to online learning. Will you email them? Post an Announcement in myLesley?
  • Check with your students about their access to technology. Do they have access to a computer at home or do they only have a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone)? Do they have fast, reliable internet at home or are they on a slower connection or data plan? This information will help you as you plan for which tools and workflows will work best for your course.
  • Look through your syllabus and begin thinking about what types of content and assignments you have and what questions come up. What kind of content is easy to post or distribute in myLesley (readings, videos) and what kind of content will require some planning (discussions, assignments, lecture)?

Workshop Schedule

Communicating with your Students

Tuesday, March 17 12-1 PM
Join online via Collaborate Ultra for Communicating with Your Students

Communication is key in any course, but especially in times of emergency. How do you keep communication flowing? What are some strategies for fostering collaboration outside of the classroom? In this workshop we’ll explore some ideas and strategies for communicating with students and replicating classroom discussions in an online environment.

Assignments and Feedback 

Wednesday, March 18 12-1 PM
Join online via Collaborate Ultra for Assignments and Feedback

How do you collect student work without having to transport stacks or paper or clogging up your inbox? What are some effective ways to provide feedback to your students? In this workshop we’ll discuss how to securely collect different types of assignments, provide feedback to your students, and assign grades within myLesley.

Online meetings 

Thursday, March 19 12-1 PM 
Join online via Collaborate Ultra for Online Meetings

What are some best practices for meeting online? What do you and your students need to know before conducting an online meeting? In this workshop we’ll explore Collaborate Ultra and discuss use cases and best practices for conducting online meetings.

Blackboard Workshops

Blackboard will be hosting a series of online workshops aimed at helping faculty quickly transition to online learning. Topics include Teaching Online (Blackboard basics) and Teaching a Virtual Class (Collaborate). Daytime and evening hours are available. Register today: Accelerate Your Transition to Remote Instruction

eLIS Office Hours

Unable to attend one of our workshops but want to learn more? Join us for online office hours using Collaborate Ultra.

To join office hours, please go to https://tinyurl.com/ElisOfficeHours

Monday, March 16 9AM – 1PM
Tuesday, March 17 10AM – 11AM and 2PM – 4PM
Wednesday, March 18 10AM – 11:30AM and 2PM – 3PM
Thursday, March 19 10AM – 11AM
Friday, March 20 10AM – 12PM and 2PM – 4PM

More dates to be announced as needs arise.


Making the Switch to Collaborate Ultra

Still using Collaborate Original as your myLesley web conferencing tool? It’s time to switch to Collaborate Ultra. Earlier this year, Collaborate Ultra was integrated into myLesley and this January 2018, we will remove Collaborate Original from myLesley as part of our migration to SaaS.

Why are we making the switch?

Collaborate Original has been integrated into myLesley for several years. It has served us well, but as a java-based tool it required users to install multiple softwares on their computer often making it difficult to simply access an online meeting. Many faculty and students also found the interface overwhelming and clunky.

Collaborate Ultra has many advantages. First of all, it’s web-based. There is nothing to install on your computer prior to using Collaborate Ultra. Simply click on the link to the online meeting and join.

Secondly, it has a streamlined, easier to use interface. Faculty who have used it to meet with their students have found it much easier to use with a more familiar interface making it faster find the tools they need. We’ve been using it here in eLIS for two years and have been able to meet with many faculty, staff and students online while providing minimal to no prior training.

Finally, Collaborate Ultra is also integrated directly into myLesley. You can start using it right now.

Check it Out!

Take a look at the new look and feel in this video tour.

If you have questions or need assistance switching to Collaborate Ultra, contact us at elis@lesley.edu.


A New Webinar Tool in myLesley

There’s a new web conferencing tool coming to myLesley this January and it’s called Collaborate Ultra.

Why are we excited?
Collaborate Ultra runs in your web browser window. That means that there’s no need to download and install the latest version of java or the Collaborate Launcher before you can join an online meeting. Just click on the webinar link and join your session.

Collaborate Ultra has been completely redesigned with a streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate. Users can easily view content, manage their audio/video, and participate in the chat.

Collaborate_Ultra_InterfaceThe new interface also includes the gallery or grid view of participants that you have been craving. Now you can see everyone’s face, not just the speaker.

grid view

Do you share your computer screen to demonstrate how to do something or give a tour of your course? Collaborate Ultra’s screen sharing feature is faster, smoother, and easier to use than the old Collaborate so your participants will be able to easily follow along.


A few important details
Collaborate Ultra works best in the Chrome web browser. Other web browsers, such as Firefox or Safari, will be missing a couple of features:

  • The gallery view of webinar attendees is only available in Chrome. When using another browser you will only be able to see the webcam of the person speaking.
  • In order to share your screen you must use Chrome. When using other browsers users will be able to see what is being shared with them, but will not be able to share their own computer desktop.

Your old Collaborate recordings will still be available to you within your myLesley course. Simply go to the old Collaborate tool to access them as always.


Learn more about Collaborate Ultra
Get all the info on how to use Collaborate Ultra at our support site and check out the video below to get a tour of the interface.