Designing Motivating Scenario-Based Wiki Activities

The following webinar was presented via TeachU Ohio and features Dr. Jan Schmittauer’s presentation of an engaging blog and wiki based activity surrounding the novel Testimony by Anita Shreve. The students’ ultimate goal is to determine which of six character should be held the most accountable for the death of a student in the story. Via blog posts and group work in team wikis the students then proceed to whittle down which person they feel holds the most responsibility for this tragedy via debate and textual evidence from the book. Each day another character is “voted off the island of accountability” until only one remains. A final blog post, at the end of the process, allows students to reflect on whether or not their initial perception has stayed the same or changed. Click here to watch the webinar and learn more. You can also download a copy of the presentation.

Getting to Know Your Classmates Through VoiceThread

Instructor: Carmin Karasic

Description: Carmin uses VoiceThread in the following manner when teaching online:

  • Students visited the course VoiceThread, and added their own introductions. Students were encouraged to add a photograph and a video introduction. Those who could not record a video were allowed to add a brief audio clip, or even a text narrative for their introductions. The students were then able to view each other’s introductions, all in one place!
  • Online debate – Carmin created a page for students to post three “Pro” and three “Con” arguments. Students posted audio comments, followed by their cited evidence as text.

To learn more about this process and the tools Carmin utilizes please click here.

Example:  Welcome to Ecomp 7100