Distribute Course Materials and Readings

Uploading content to your myLesley course is not only useful for emergency preparations, but also a convenient place to store your course content so that you and your students can easily access them throughout the term.

As you consider your options, check with your students about their access to technology. Do they have access to a computer at home or do they only have a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone)? Do they have fast, reliable internet at home or are they on a slower connection or data plan? This information will help you as you plan for which tools and workflows will work best for your course.

Documents and Readings

Easily link to existing content or upload documents directly into your myLesley course. As a best practice, do not download content from another site and upload it into myLesley as it may violate copyright. As a best practice, link to content whenever possible.

Lecture and Presentations

Do you typically share presentations with your students? Create your PowerPoint and take it into an online tool to add your narration and share it with your students.

Video Content and Tutorials

Do you typically show videos in your course? If your video or a similar video exists online, embed it in your course or post a link if an embed code is not available. Need training or tutorial videos to replace or enhance your lecture? Many great resources already exist online.

Not finding a video that meets your needs? Use Kaltura Capture to create your own online tutorial or demonstrate a process.

Help and Resources

Online Tutorials

The IT/eLIS Support Site provides resources and tutorials for all Lesley-supported technology, including myLesley, Kaltura Media, VoiceThread, Collaborate Ultra, Microsoft Teams, and more. Not finding what you’re looking for? Put in a support ticket for more information or to set up a training. 

Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning) features hundreds of self-paced video tutorials for popular software, online tools, tech integration, and more. Log in to Hoonuit with your myLesley username and password.

Request a Training

Do you have questions or don’t know where to start? Reach out to eLIS and set up an appointment to learn more. eLIS staff are available to meet with you in person in University Hall, online, or on the phone.