Create a Screencast for Your myLesley Course

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is a presentation production tool that allows users to record any combination of their screen, voice and webcam. Features include: the ability to pause your recording, activate drawing tools, edit the video after recording as well as add titles and credits. CaptureSpace Lite is a standalone application that you install on your computer, which means it can be used even without an internet connection. All recorded presentations can be easily uploaded to your My Media library in myLesley with just one click.

Use CaptureSpace Lite to narrate your Powerpoint presentation and post it in your course. Record an application demo on your computer. Walk them through a process or analysis of something while providing commentary. Give a tour of your myLesley course site. If you can view it on your computer, you can record it, narrate it and share it with your students. They can then review it as often as needed.


Online Course Tour at the Start of the Course

View this Overview via this link: Fundamentals of Computer Structures Overview

Instructor: Bill Barowy

Course: Fundamentals of Computer Structure

Description:  Bill orients students to his online class through a screencast that outlines the key sections of the course site as well as the expectations of the course and the main assignments that students will complete during the course. Communication expectations are also set. Bill notes that this is not a heavily edited piece, which makes it “real.” Developing screencasts that show that the instructor is a real person and that communicate important information about the course are nice strategies for cultivating presence as an instructor.