Add Office Mix Presentations to Your myLesley Course

Office Mix is a new add-in for Powerpoint that allows users to create interactive online videos that include images, video, voice, digital annotations, and quizzes. Watch the Mix below and see how to get started. Then check out the Office Mix Gallery to see how others are using Office Mix.


How Can I Get Office Mix?

Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint, but it is PC only. Sorry Mac folks. It also requires Powerpoint 2013 or later.

Download the installer to get started. 


How Do I Add a Mix to My Course?
AddMixToolAdding a Mix to your myLesley course is an easy two-step process.

Start by navigating to an area of your course. Click on the Tools menu and select Office Mix.

Enter a Name for your Mix and an optional Description. Then click Submit


Next, navigate to the Mix at the bottom of the window. Click on the title as if you were going to view it.

Enter the URL for the Mix you want to add and click Find.AddMixURL





Click Yes to confirm this is the Mix you want to add.ConfirmMix





Learn More…

Learn more about creating Office Mix videos with these tutorials:




Introducing CaptureSpace Lite

We are pleased to announce the addition of CaptureSpace Lite, a new tool from Kaltura Media. This recording and capture tool allows users to easily produce everything from a basic webcam recording to an edited screen recording with integrated audio, webcam video, live annotations, titles, and credits.

CaptureSpace Lite is a replacement for the soon to be discontinued Screen Recorder tool — a Java based tool that users had difficulty accessing due to web browser security settings. Unlike its predecessor, CaptureSpace Lite runs directly on your computer and is Java free, which makes launching and running the application a breeze. What really sets this tool apart, however, is its ease of use and wide range of recording options. The CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder enables you to craft a media file using any combination of recording options, including screen capture, webcam, and/or audio. The tool also includes additional features such as the ability to pause while recording, incorporate annotations, edit out clips and add titles and credits.

CaptureSpace Lite’s wide range of features allows faculty and students the opportunity to easily incorporate different types of content into one video. For example, by combining voice with a screen recording and live annotations a user could produce a dynamic training video, a narrated presentation, a course overview, or provide detailed feedback on an assignment.

capturespace lite

For details on how to install and use the tool, visit our CaptureSpace Lite resource page. You can also email us at to request a training session.


VoiceThread: Peer Review and Advanced Commenting Features (Webinar Recording)

On January 20, Sadie Anderson from VoiceThread conducted a training webinar for Lesley faculty, focusing on peer review and the advanced commenting features now available in VoiceThread. A recording of the webinar is below.

For more information on VoiceThread’s new commenting tools, see:
Private Commenting
Threaded Commenting
Direct Reply
Comment Moderation

Want to learn more about using VoiceThread in your course? Sign up for one of VoiceThread’s free online workshops or view a recording from a past workshop:


Pump Up Your Pedagogy Week

Kick off the spring semester with three days of training and faculty development workshops sponsored by the Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship, eLearning and Instructional Support, Information Technology, Lesley Libraries, Office of Grants and Research, Office of the Provost and The Creativity Commons.


PUMP UP YOUR PEDAGOGY – January 19, 2016

  • “Snow Day Toolkit”: Designing a Blended Experience
  • Powerful & Pertinent Online Discussions
  • Collaborating in the Cloud (OneDrive/ 365)
  • Skype for Business vs Blackboard Collaborate for real-time connection

PUMP UP YOUR PEDAGOGY—January 20, 2016

  • Kaltura Bootcamp: Video Sharing in Your Classroom
  • Peer Review in Voicethread Webinar (VoiceThread trainer)
  • Bring Your Own Lunch and Strategies for Finding Grant Resources — Creativity Commons
  • Popcorn & A Movie: Library Video Databases
  • The Mobile Constructivist Classroom (Ian Camera, Apple Rep.)
  • Appy Hour: Wine, cheese, & mobile applications

If it is happening to you, it is happening to me; it is all about inclusivity.
A day of workshops including but not limited to the following:

  • Infusing inclusion and diversity into course syllabi
  • A case based workshop with Counseling and Disability Services focused on classrooms issues related to disability and mental health
  • Humanizing the online learning environment, related to difficult discussions based on race, gender and sexuality

Detailed daily schedules will be coming soon.



12 Days of Learning: Designing Presentations

Atomic Learning has created the 12 Days of Learning, a series of articles designed to kick off resolutions to keep learning in the new year. We thought this was a great idea and have decided borrow (shamelessly steal) it and do our own. Day 8’s resource focuses on improving your presentation design.

We’ve all sat through boring, tedious presentations with too much text in too small of a font that we couldn’t read from our seats. So much so, that “Death by Powerpoint” is a thing.

Don’t do that. Instead, review these Atomic Learning tutorials on Effective Presentation Design below.


Effective Presentation Design

A. Presentations: What You Need to Know 

B. Getting Started

C. Communicating

D. Telling the Story

E. Getting Ready for Delivery

F. Resources