Providing instructional context with Voicethread


 Instructor: Diana Direiter

Course: Adult Development

Description: Having faculty add their voice to  their course is a very important part of the instructional context. While narrated PowerPoints are a fairly easy way to do this, adding audio to PowerPoint can often present technical challenges that hold up the process. Access to an efficient program (such as Articulate or iSpring) to compress is necessary as well.

Another strategy could be providing audio within Voicethread. Not only is the recording of audio intuitive, which no additional production required, but students can also add comments to make this more interactive. This example from Diana Direiter in Adult Development shows how helpful it is for an instructor to provide this additional context. Click on the image above to view the video.


Course Introduction for Creative Writing

Screenshot of video

Instructor: E. Chris Clark

Course: Introduction to Creative Writing

Description: This introduction to the course uses video clips to catch students’ attention. The instructor interweaves clips from popular media for added impact. This approach enhances instructor presence and gives students a sense of the structure of the course and important highlights for the week.