Take Attendance in myLesley

Blackboard has rolled out a new Attendance tool, allowing instructors to easily and quickly track attendance. Using the Attendance tool will create an Attendance column in the Grade Center, which will provide an overall attendance score.

Instructors can now find the new Attendance tool by going to the Control Panel > Course Tools > Attendance.

access the attendance tool


For more information see Attendance or view the tutorial video below:

Grade Center Improvements

myLesley’s recent update to Blackboard’s latest version (Q2 2018) included several enhancements to the Grade Center making it easier to navigate while grading your students’ work.

Full Titles of Grade Center Columns

You can now view the full title of your Grade Center column making it easier to distinguish between similarly-titled grade items.

Grade Center Column Titles Before

Grade Center Column Titles After


View More Grade Columns

The width of the Grade Center is no longer fixed. You can now view as many columns as the size of their window will allow. If you are on a small screen, you may only see a few grade columns and need to scroll. If you are on a larger screen, you will see more columns. The grade center will adapt to the size of your browser window.


Full-Screen Mode

Need even more space to view the Grade Center? Instructors now have the ability to view the Grade Center in Full Screen mode. Full Screen mode collapses the side navigation and the top banner, allowing you to see more of the Grade Center on your screen.


More updates are coming to myLesley throughout the summer. Keep an eye out for all the new features.

New Features in myLesley

On June 8, 2018, myLesley was updated to the most recent version of Blackboard (Q2 2018). The update included a few new features and options. There will be more features released [enter tag link] for this version over the summer so keep an eye out.

Customize Your Course Menu Colors

When Lesley University transitioned to SaaS in January, we also updated to the latest theme design Blackboard offers. The advantage of the new theme is that myLesley will adapt to the device you are currently using whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, small screen laptop or large screen monitor. The disadvantage is that custom menu colors weren’t supported, but that’s in the past. Custom menu colors are back!

Customize CourseTo customize your menu colors, go to Control Panel, select Customization and then select Teaching Style.







Select Menu StyleNext, scroll down to Select Menu Style.

Select the Background Color and Text Color you wish to have.

Keep accessibility in mind when choosing menu colors. You want colors that have a high level of contrast to ensure readability.

Sadly the Buttons option is not currently compatible with our version of Blackboard.

Be sure to click Apply after selecting your new colors or it will not take effect. Click Submit when you are done to apply your choices to your course menu.

View Blackboard’s Course Style Options information to learn more about customizing your course.

Upcoming System Maintenance

Both myLesley and VoiceThread will be undergoing maintenance this weekend. Please plan accordingly.


myLesley (Blackboard) will be performing maintenance on Friday, May 18th from 2:00 AM – 5 AM EDT (UTC -4). Downtime is not expected, but performance and system speed  may be impacted.

VoiceThread Maintenance

VoiceThread will be unavailable on Saturday, May 19th from 5:00 AM – 5:40 AM EDT (UTC -4) while Amazon Web Services performs system updates.


Creating an Accessible Syllabus

What is an accessible document?

An accessible document is one that allows individuals with various accessibility issues, such as those who are blind or hearing impaired, the ability to access the document and receive the same information as someone who does not have accessibility issues.

What are the benefits of making my syllabus accessible?

Having an accessible syllabus ensures that each of your students is able to access the content, regardless of accessibility issues. Often, the changes benefit all of your students, not just those with impairments.

Sounds great! How do I create one?

Hoonuit has a new online training series for creating an accessible syllabus. This tutorial will guide you through how to format, check, and convert your document in order to make your document accessible. While the training is for creating an accessible syllabus, you may transfer these skills to any type of document.

To find out more, view the training here: Creating an Accessible Syllabus Using Acrobat Pro DC & Word 2016. You will need to log in with your myLesley username and password in order to access the training.

Do I need special software?

The latest version of Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word 2016) will allow you to create a fully accessible document. You should be able to print your document to PDF and the resulting PDF should be fully accessible. If you are using an older version of Microsoft Office, you can still create an accessible document, but the resulting PDF may not be fully accessible. In this case, you will want to upload the Word document.